Saturday, August 13, 2005

Men's Bathroom

Tonight I hung out with my friend who lives in L.A. now and his girlfriend. He's a cameraman and always telling us about some cool celebrity or event he shot. The Lakers, famous rappers and singers and stuff. I hate him. No really, he's one of the friends going with us to Europe. We had a good time with my husband, my husband's best friend (our other Eurotrip buddy), and about 6 of our L.A. friend's good friends that came to join us at Tryst, this cool lounge/coffeeshop in Adams-Morgan. The night was live last night. So many people out and about. It's one of my favorite parts of town because it's so multiculti and cool. I had a great time.

All I can say is me & my husband's best friend looking at the grout in the men's bathroom. Really. The guys kept coming back talking about all these names (like "Oscar the Grout") written in the grout line. Tiny tiny letters. I had to see for myself. Of course, some young woman got all scandalized, saying "There are two people in the bathroom!" causing my friend to loudly mimic her. I mean, so what? Grow up already! (I guess all the laughing we were doing looking at the names wasn't helping though, LOL!!!)

And tell me something ladies, if there are 2 bathrooms--both single rooms with commodes--why wait 3-5 deep when you really have to go when you can just go to the empty men's one and lock the door. It's so silly not to. I haven't met a guy yet who's offended by it, lol. If you've got to go, GO!


Debra said...

Oh, Elle, you sweet young thing...

NOT that I did it myself... but many a St. Patty's Day in the bars around Cleveburg, women would end up peeing in the guys' sink!!!

guys toilet stalls... yes. Guys sink, not me.

Gerrie said...

My sentiments exactly!! I just scandalized my nieces and sisters by using the men's bathroom in Lewes, DE. I couldn't believe that they would rather wait in line for the women's room!!

JulieZS said...

Puhleezeeee! When you gotta go, you gotta go! It's not like you're going to get pregnant from the toilet seat or something, sheesh!