Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Starbirth" Inspiration

I've decided to call the piece "Starbirth" (based upon the above photo of the Swan Nebula). Using the wax pastels worked out pretty well for me. I wasn't certain how much to use, so the colors are more muted than the photo. OK, they're pretty darn pale actually. I did go ahead and treat it kind of like a wholecloth piece to give myself a chance to practice freemotion. I got a little happy with the quilting, but I think the stitches enhanced the colors and the flowy feel of the colored gases more. I'll post the pic when I'm a little more "done."


Queenie said...

I thought, What a fucking awesome picture.
And then read that it was not.
And I looked again.
And I thought, this is grand!


jana said...

grand is right. smashing design.

Sonji Hunt said...

This is spectacular! YOU HAVE TO POST THE SIZES OF YOUR WORK PLEASE. This is going to be so cool as a wholecloth piece. It's totally cool as it is.

Elle said...

This is the photo of the nebula itself. I'll post the quilt later.