Thursday, June 23, 2005

Keisha Roberts

I saw a posting on the QuiltArt listserv today and discovered a new fiber artist named Keisha Roberts.

Drawing from her African American heritage, she has created some beautiful pieces. Check out her site and see for yourself!

And Sonji...she has BUNDLES! A fiber artist after your own heart. Look at her piece "A Wish, A Dream, and A Prayer Second."


Sonji Hunt said...

She has a very elegant looking site. It reminds me of whispering.

I love that she uses black fabric in mass. Thanks for posting the site.

And I do love her bundles...I hope that she makes more.

Karoda said...

I came across her site too yesterday and loved the elegance of its appearance. Very clean lines where her work and words carried the site. I added her to my blog sidebar.

Deb R said...

I'm so glad you posted this link, Elle. I skim and delete so many things on The Snarky List that I miss a lot of good stuff.

I love the dimensionality (is that a word?) of a lot of her work.

Scrapmaker said...

Using the black fabric in the way she does forces you to respond to the form, not color. Jen

Frances said...

thanks for posting Keisha's website I found it very interesting, reading and viewing, beautiful art and interesting reading which I haven't finished so will go back, thanks again, Frances.