Monday, June 06, 2005

Crack! BOOOM!

Last night I hung out again with the ladies of the New Moon Gathering--young, female, African-American artists and creative types. We joke that it's our very own support group for those who refuse to think inside the box. We had a great time talking, singing, reciting poetry, sharing artwork, eating healthy good-for-you vegan dishes (I'm not vegan, but it was so good.) It's so inspiring to be surrounded by 6 other artistic, creative sistafriends like that. You can't help but to be inspired by them and hope you do the same in turn. I showed them the top for "Tish Groove" and they thought it was great.

Only thing is, it was thunderstorming like CRAZY outside. I mean, wrath of God lightning coming down left and right with torrential rain and loud thunder to match. We thought it would be quick, but noooo...we're talking at least 3 hours and it was still going when I got home. I put a plastic bag over my hair and made a run for my car. I was terrified driving home and I don't get like that! Trees fall down all the time during storms here and that lightning! I mean the skies were bright and it was touching down everywhere. While I was on one of our highways, a really nice driver in front of me--and there weren't that many on the roads--put on their hazards so that I could see since the lights were knocked out. I was so relieved when I made it in the door I didn't know what to do.


Gerrie said...

I so relate to the fear of driving in thunderstorms. I moved to California in 1976 and never missed them. Then in 1994 we moved to Wilmington, NC for 6 years and I was in constant fear of the darn storms. I lost several electrical appliances from a lightning strike. But at least you had a lovely evening with the artsy sisters!!

Karoda said...

When it thundering and storming like that it brings back memories of piling in bed with my parents (3 kids) causing my father to retreat to the den. My mother said it was the angels bowling and we had to be quiet so that we wouldn't break their concentration.

But nope, don't like to drive in one single bit! Delighted to hear you made it in safe and sound and enjoyed the evening with girlfriends.

Debra said...

I really miss thunderstorms. It's one thing we don't have in bay area. (heck, when we have lightening it's the lead story on the news).

I would sit by the patio door and watch heaven's fireworks... Partly afraid and partly thrilled.

But I never liked to drive in the hard-driving rain. No thank you.