Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Twinge-y Wrist

I was working on "Tish Groove" and got a familiar twinge in my right wrist. Crap.

I was diagnosed with mild carpal tunnel a few years ago and I fear it might be returning from my doing repetitive handwork. I've tried the wrist-ease thingy and I have even worn a brace before. I might try to wrap it well with an Ace bandage to see if that helps. I don't want to give up sewing by hand. Any suggestions?

I think I'm going to have to switch to machine work just because of this. Sigh.


Nikki said...

Oh man, that completely sucks. I have a bit of carpal tunnel/tendonitis in both wrists. I have braces that help when they start to twinge - I got mine from the dr. and they have a metal strip that holds the wrist in a specific position. When it gets really bad I have to just rest it...about three weeks of trashy novels usually does the trick and then I'm good to do handwork for several months again.

Good luck with it and take care of yourself.

Gerrie said...

I have carpal tunnel and recurring tennis elbow in my right arm. I do as little hand sewing as possible now. I get relief by wearing the brace when I sleep. It keeps me from curling my hand and aggravating the problem.

PaMdora said...

My husband has it from grinding on metal sculpture. He just has to let it rest and not push it to the point where it won't recover. I've gotten it from working under extreme deadlines, but recovered after rest. I think the secret is to not push yourself to the point where your body can't heal. I know a couple of people who have had the surgery on their wrists and it works, but they never had the same strength and it takes about six months to recover from surgery. Take care of yourself!

Debra said...

I have trouble in my shoulder (which causes trouble in my elbow and wrist..). And let me tell you, using a computer sitting in my lap doesn't help!! I still do it.

Anyway, you can find good wrist braces in the drug store. From my years of experience, the foam braces with strings to adjust the fit are the best. Wear it/them when you sleep at night.

And when you are working on the piece, stop every 20 minutes to rest. Use a towel or stretchy band to stretch the hand and wrist in all kinds of directions.

When you stop for the evening, get ice packs and place them on the wrist.

Elle said...

Thank you everyone! I do have a brace that I wear (sometimes at night too) and do rest it when it gets like that. I haven't had an incidence of it acting up in while.