Friday, May 27, 2005

Figuring Out...

I looked through my African Textiles book and got inspired. I started cutting fabric and arranging it design-wise. I think that I'll do a few small ones and work my way up. Right now I have a little piece going that's black and gray. won't be in the end. It needs some color. Some pizazz. Some snap. I'm not in a black and gray mood.

Tonight is Medieval Times for my birthday (and my cousin's), which is actually next Tuesday. Hers was this Tuesday. Why am I sooooo excited?! Yay!

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teri springer said...

Well, early Happy Birthday to you!! I loved MT when I took Jamie (then age 7, now 21) in Kissimmee. Of course, if horses are involved, I'm there!!

Have a WONDERFUL time!!