Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Revved Up Ol' Singer

Well, I prepped Ol' Singer and sat down to get something done. I thought I'd practice a little free motion stitching. I operate my pedal barefooted as I feel I don't slide as much or push down as hard when I have on shoes. I think I might work on a few smaller pieces and wrap up "Tish Groove". I've also been really intrigued by Procion MX dyes and dyeing in the washing machine. It seems like fun (not to mention economical), but I'm not quite sure where to start.

Dyers, which methods seem to work best for you?

I'm still super-tired though. I've been going to bed earlier, but it's not making a difference. Maybe it's the weather.


Debra said...

Ya dont' want to dye in the washing machine. A lot of people use baggies and disposable containers (like ziploc containers).

It's fun to dye... but at the moment I think it's more fun to paint.

teri springer said...

First...have you had a CBC and thyroid screen done?? You are way to young to be this tired.

Second, I am with Debra....the only time I have used the washer to dye is when I over-dyed my comforter....I would get 2 gallon ziplock bags (they are strong) and dye in there. Just make sure to set them in a dishpan or one of those big aluminum roasting pans...just in case.


Scrapmaker said...

I am still a novice in doing the dye process, but so far I like the disposable containers.
BTW, I like the new look of your blog and I *love* the jazz singer sketch for the new quilt. I like your way of putting personal family references in, too. Jen

Claire said...

Start with the bags, jars or containers. You can get make lots of different colours in a session, you can stuff a lot into a bag and you can add fabric at intervals to get lighter shades.

The washing machine would only be worthwhile if you are looking to dye one colour in bulk.

Look for books by Ann Johnston (sp?) and Adriene Buffington.

btw, I agree with Teri, this tiredness should be checked out by a doctor.


Elle said...

Thanks everyone! I like the baggie & containers suggestions. I forgot that I have a book that tells me how. As for the tiredness, my thyroid was fine last time I was checked out. I think it might be my allergies. I think I'll still go to a doc soon though.