Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sonji & Fabric Dyeing/Painting

OK...Sonji looks like she could be my sister or cousin or something. We've joked about it before, but she does look a lot like my youngest sister (I have 2) in this photo. They have the same smile.

I was going back and reading her earlier posts and I just wanted to say how much I love the colors of her painted fabrics and pieces. I haven't gotten into dyeing and painting my own fabrics yet, although I am really intrigued. I love the unique results that so many folks have achieved. I have some Lumiere copper and gold paints just waiting for me, but a piece hasn't cried out for it to me yet.


Scrapmaker said...

If you have paint and fabric, go play! The process is all part of your artistic growth, right? Something may speak to you after you begin... Jen

Karoda said...

I couldn't sleep the other morning and was feeling restless so I painted an 8 inch square of commerical fabric in pink with an bronze amber acrylic. I blended the paint with water on one side and Liquitex fabric medium on the other...couldn't tell a difference. Then I stamped a gingko leaf and used embossing powder and set it with a heat gun. I'm going to make a postcard with it. But I found painting the fabric a great alternative to being too antsy to sew. So Elle, go for it!

Elle said...

See, you all have me inspired.