Sunday, May 15, 2005

Grand Boubou from Senegal

Some people collect shot glasses when they travel. Me? I collect clothing. This is my custom made grand boubou from Senegal in West Africa that I bought 4 years ago. For you dyers, the bazin (cotton damask) fabric is hand dyed, as well as the light blue underskirt and headwrap hanging behind it. To the left, is a hand painted chiffon shawl that I haggled for to go with it. The "wheels" embroidered neckline is also handmade as well. I think it was embroidered onto a background and then cut out. Enjoy!


Karoda said...

Very nice pieces!

Sonji Hunt said...

I love your Boubou. Since you are so tall, I bet you look stunning in it. I used to have a bright yellow and purple one, but I ended up giving it to someone who would get better use out of it.

Elle said...

Thanks! I'll be honest...I've never had a chance to wear it yet!