Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2007

Below: "Sunday Morning" by Esterita Austin
Below: "Echoes of the Ancestors" by Carol Beck from Durham, NC. We met her and she was so excited and bubbly. Its permanent home will be in the National Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati, OH.
Went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival yesterday with my guild. Saw some great quilts and bought lots of stuff I never thought I'd need, but could not do without. Here are some highlights. I didn't get all of the creators' names and quilt titles, so if you recognize them, please let me know!


Marlene said...

Thanks for sharing photos from the show.

I like the new look of your blog.

Karoda said...

that Jerry Springer quilt cracked me up!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hehehehe, I often buy things I didn't know I needed too!

Susan said...

That's one of the shows I've always wanted to go to. It's a little like PIQF, but the east coast version. Maybe one of these days. Thanks for sharing the quilt pictures!