Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quilting vs. Piecing

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary:

Quilt: to stitch or sew in layers with padding in between

Piecing: to join into a whole

I've been reading a lot of quilting mags and sites lately and there seems to be a thing about "painted" quilts. As in, quilts where the creator declares with pride that it was "Pieced, not painted." Has anyone else noticed this?

I remember reading on a site or forum where someone said they were tired of people just painting a quilt or using a photo and just quilting it. Hmm. And this is different from doing a wholecloth quilt, how? LOL. I mean, that's how I view quilts like that.

The last time I looked, it's the quilting itself that makes something a quilt, not the process used to create the top itself--whether pieced or painted. Whooooo! LOL. I know I've been playing the antagonist lately, but geesh, I'm sick of the griping. I do think art quilts are definitely more accepted, but man, if it's not one thing it's another. Change is good, people!

Change is GOOD!


Sharkeysday said...

Well and it's all amazingly ironic if you consider that painters are (in general) snobby about quilters being "crafters". Funny quilters should be snotty about painters.
I sort of feel that all fiber artists...painters, beaders, quilters, embellishers, art/sane/crazy or whatever should bond together in a world of fiber art. I'm amazed at the talent and it would be neat if they'd all just look at it that way! :-)

diva of quilts said...

It's all wonderful! I just wish I had the time to make one of everything.

deb said...

People seem to be more adept at creating divisions than chumming up and basking in commonalities.

I find myself going back and forth between the two activities which separately, have their limitations, but when combined, open up whole new design directions.