Thursday, March 08, 2007

Row Row Row Your Boat!

Things you do not know when you are crazy enough to take on playing the guitar:

  1. Your fingers will be contorted into unnatural positions
  2. Holding down those strings and strumming correctly is not as easy as it looks
  3. Chords, notes, chords
  4. Your fingertips will hurt
  5. Your fingertips will hurt

But I love it. I practice every day for at least a 1/2 hour. It's just something about it that makes me really really happy!

Yesterday, my 7-year old cousin/goddaughter came over and was tickled to squeak through "Row Row Row Your Boat" to my equally inconsistent one-chord guitar playing to accompany her. She thought it was fantastic. I was so tickled because it was technically the first time anyone has ever sung to my guitar playing. It's too bad we didn't take a pic of that!


Susan said...

What a wonderful thing to pick up. I love guitar music. Especially 12-string guitars. I suppose that would *really* make one's fingers sore!

A picture would have been great! Next time.

Shirley said...

Go with what makes you happy! We all need that. And music is so soothing.

Judy said...

You go girl!!
I've finally found you again...had lost your blog when I switched to the "new blogger". Am looking forward to listening to your podcasts.