Monday, February 19, 2007

Fabric Day for Starbirth

Yup, fabric soaking in anti-chlor. Happy joy in a bucket!

As a lot of you know, I have been working on a "Starbirth" series for over a year. I did some bleach discharge pieces that reminded me a lot of the cosmos, but some of the ones I did on a dark brown West African damask really reminded me of a star's birth complement.

So, what would be the stages of "death" for a star? Supernova. The smaller pieces reminded me of supernova events and the new larger piece of fabric I just bleach discharged and painted, a red giant. I was a little "Ugh" about how the larger piece turned out, I wish it had more dark parts. I let it pool a little long. Darn. That's okay. I think it'll be perfect to represent a red giant.

My friend Elsie will be tickled to know that I painted it in my bathtub. I've become almost legendary for it...Soft Scrub w/bleach is fantastic by the way.

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Susan said...

I remember the pics of you out on the sidewalk with dyes. So, if you want darker parts, what's to prevent you from painting them in with the dyes? I can hardly wait to see how this all comes together. Something wonderful this way comes. =)