Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Tour!

Here I am at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival! Note the pre-quilt shopping frenzy smile! Some of our fellow AQ ringers had quilts there:

Julie's "Tarot: 5 of Wands"

Desiree's "Transformation" (Best Trad. Pictorial)

Diane's "Grotto"

Sheril's "Free at Last"

Pat's "Threads of Our Lives"

Here I am looking studious as I test-drive a dream machine for me--a Bernina with the stitch regulator. Mmmm...

I was almost overwhelmed by the amount and beauty of so many of the quilts. I'll try to feature some across the next two postings or so. Here is the Best Innovative, "Spirit of Tibet" by Barbara Swinea & Linda Cantrell and the fabulous Best of Show, Charlotte Warr & Aubry Kae Andersen's "Starcrossed."

I did get a chance to meet Vikki and there we are in front of her quilt! Her guild, the 54-40 African American Quilters of Virginia had a very nice, large section featuring their quilts!

I had such a good time yesterday I was practically giddy!


Deb R said...

What a fun tour!

And you and Vikki look maaaahvelous, dahlink!

emmyschoonbeek said...

great quilts love to see al of it

Karoda said...

this was a fun perk this morning...getting me psyched for the AQS!

jenclair said...

Oh my gosh! I guess you did have fun (and inspiration)! All of the pics are wonderful, but "Starcrossed" is amazing.

Gerrie said...

Isn't it great to meet an AQ webringer in the flesh? Thanks for the pics - I need a qult show perk.

Sheril Drummond said...

Thanks so much for posting the quilts. That was great fun to get to see my quilt hanging in the show, and to see some of the other ones also. I put your blog in my favorites and will be watching you as you progress.