Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Elle's Ziploc O'Fun!

Working on the "Negative" piece. Each of the small ones will be handquilted as I haven't tested Ol' Singer yet and, well, I like the effect. I got some work done on the way in to work this morning--hence, the Ziploc bag. I wish it was warmer, because during lunch I'd go sit somewhere outside and work. Right now, there are very few places here in downtown D.C. where you can go and do that without feeling like someone's waiting for your space.

I'm about to go fight it out at the Social Security office this afternoon. I went to file my taxes and the IRS told me my birthday was wrong. What?! How come no one has ever let me know before? How come no one let me know when they caught it? I called S.S. and sure enough, my birth date was reversed and always has been for over 31 years!! Can you imagine?! Arrrrrrgh. What a pain!


Karoda said...

I like the center of what you have going on in the post below...the negatives set such a eerie mood. will be keeping an eye out for further developments.

FunkyC said...

Sounds like a good reason to have two birthdays every year.

These negative images have emotional grit. Can't wait to see more.

:-D eirdre said...

What an unusual set of images! I'll be back to see what is happening with this quilt.

jenclair said...

I agree with Karoda - such an eerie mood. Yes, we want to see more of this quilt. And what's happening with the "Grandma" quilt?