Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hoopla Traders

My husband and I had a little time to kill and popped into this wonderful little store called Hoopla Traders on Valentine's Day. Located on 8th St. SE in Capitol Hill (across from Barrack's Row) here in D.C., we found the enthusiasm of the sales rep infectious. They specialize in hand-crafted gifts and there's an emphasis on artists and artisans there. I love stores like that--unpretentious and where you can tell the owners really put a lot of thought into what and who they carry.

We really liked its vibe and the layout too. The whole store is set up in a series of rooms. It was like uncovering surprise after surprise. Great store!


Deborah said...

But did you buy anything? Sometimes the experience is enough... but I usually want to spend.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Ohhhh ohhh ohhh...Eastern Market Metro...I remember it so well. We used to live at 315 Constitution Ave NE, and would walk to the market on Saturdays. Still fix salad multiple times a week in one of two bowls from the ladies at Alley Pottery, on the alley on the east side of the market.

Isn't 8th street the one with the Marines, and the Popeyes on the right as you walk down the street from Penn. Ave, and Janes Veterinary clinic on the left? Never heard it called Barracks Row back then, though.

Is Moon, Blossoms and Snow still on Penn. Ave...up closer to the House office buildings, maybe around 3rd or 4th and Penna, SE? I used to LOVE that store....

Sigh...I miss DC. I miss the sound of the voices most of all.... don't miss the heat though...please send your snow up to Maine. You got more this past snowfall than we've had all winter! Bummer....I want it and don' got it, and you don't and you have it LOL!

Now, to get the bairns in bed! Toodles, Sarah

Deb R said...

Oh wow, that looks like a great store! I love places like that, but almost never see them except when I'm traveling. Very few people in my corner of the world are into "artsy" or "funky", more's the pity.