Thursday, February 02, 2006

Art Quilt Inspiration & One's Own Style

Picked this up at the bookstore the other day. There are so many incredible pieces in it that I felt really inspired. It was great to see fellow AQ ringers Melody, Alison and Lisa in it.

Lately, because I seem to be working in portraiture, I've been feeling as if my pieces aren't as "artsy". I know, I know, I suppose they are, but I see so many wonderful abstract pieces and mine feel very...different. I guess every artist goes through this from time to time. All I know is that my backgrounds are really influenced by African textiles, and I think that all of that time spent in the museums overseas seeing the works of so many great master painters really affected me. Maybe I'm getting a feel for my own style?


Karoda said...

Elle, when I first started, I really thought my niche would be in mystical pictorial quilts. I sketched out 2 and started one and I know I restarted it at least a dozen times but it just never worked, so I had to abandon it. I think I will return to pictorial work when I have the space to do what I want to do on a regular and consistent basis...letting it go, I was able to discover the fun in colour, line, and shape, and just recently, I like doing small stills.

Anything that leads us to our self-definitions is a good thing. Keep on keeping on.

Lisa Call said...

As you can see I'm woefully behind on blogs. But thanks for the link!

Don't compare yourself to anyone else - just make what you have a passion to do and the rest will fall into place.