Sunday, June 04, 2006

R.I.P. Ol' Singer

Sunrise: January 1996
Sunset: June 2, 2006

Like her canine namesake, I had to put Ol' Singer down yesterday. Her foot pedal shorted out and she wouldn't stitch. Combine that with skipped stitches left and right and I was at wit's end. I'm on deadline for the "Harmony" quilt. I knew I couldn't continue on her. Tomorrow, I'll have to buy a new sewing machine.

O.S. has been with me for so many years and I've created some of my best work on her, but it's time to let her go. She's served me well. My husband's joke is that it'll be like someone who's been working with an abacus being handed a computer. Ha.Ha.


Gerrie said...

Oh, tis is one of those sad/glad situations. You will love having a new mcahine!

smarcoux said...

well well really what an opportunity to get a new one yah hey.
What type will you chose?


Marlene said...

I was sad when my Singer died too. I then purchased a new Bernina and ohhhh, it sews so nice...just like the ad says, "Nothing Sews Like Bernina" I don't miss that ol' Singer at all!

What wiil you buy?

Diane said...

Oh, rest in peace, dear Singer. My condolences, Elle--but another new machine waits for a good home, and you'll make new memories together. I'll have a moment of silence for your Singer.

Deb H said...

It's always sad when we have to say good bye to an old friend, but I hope you find a new wonderful best friend soon! Good luck!

teri springer said...

Make sure to give the Janome 6600 a test drive. I know both Gerrie and I love ours!!


Shelina said...

My condolences to you. My Kenmore's feeddogs are stuck in the down position. Might just make me learn how to free motion quilt after all! Luckily I bought a spare a couple of years ago with some fancy stitches. I have pictures of Tish Groove from NQA. How do I send them to you? I noted the layout of the show and your quilt in my blog, which is causing problems today.