Sunday, June 18, 2006

Judges & Comments

Me at Barnes & Noble with the latest book I'm in--face out! YAY!

Yummy sundae with brownie and caramel at Ye Olde Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe! YAY!

I had entered the NQA show just for the fun of it, since "Tish Groove" is one of my earliest machine-quilted pieces. FedEx finally got it back to me yesterday, and I didn't expect to have judges comments come back to me with it too. Let's just say that they weren't bad at all, if anything, one was a touch perplexing, LOL. I'm sure that sounds famililar to a lot of you, lol.

Now you've all seen "Tish Groove" by this point. The one comment that irked me was "Effective layered composition, although artist's intent is not apparent."

What in the world does that mean? LOL! It's based upon an illustration that I did of my cousin, LOL! That was the intent. Good Lord. Does art have to necessarily have an intent beyond its creation? Heck, sometimes you really do create art for art's sake! You're really feeling something that day or inspiration's triggered or you've got some emotion just just needs to come out in your work or you some art!

Anyone else have any perplexing judging comments like that--that make you alternately want to scream or throttle someone? LOL!


Deb R said...

"Anyone else have any perplexing judging comments like that--that make you alternately want to scream or throttle someone? LOL!"

Yep! My favorite one was a quilt I got back a few years ago with the comment "satin stitch needs improvement." Um...okaaay...except there was NO satin stitch on that quilt!!!

What's the title of the book? The pic is too small for me to tell.

Deb H said...

Sometimes I think the judges feel compelled to make something up, & it's obvious they just didn't get it. I have had that experience, one was from NQA, a pictoral collage quilt of Alaska springtime images. A snowy mountain top, animal tracks in the snow, some bear paws, & a salmon, & Lupine in bloom at the bottom. All things you can see in June in Alaska. The judge complained that it had a "wintery feel, & didn't think the flower belonged". They didn't get it.

Gerrie said...

Oh that is judges blarney! They feel compelled to say something erudite. I agree - it was a stupid comment.

Sonji Hunt said...

Melody Johnson says not to even bother reading those things. I'd have to agree with her. That comment was benign. I think after looking at and commenting on so many pieces, they run out of things to say. "Tish Groove" was so obviously about having fun. I don't know what deeper intention they could be looking for. When I don't know what else to say to people, I will ask them "what was your intention with the piece?"

JulieZS said...

Yay, you're in another book, go Elle!
I am always amazed at what the judges write, it is either way more complimentary or totally obtuse like the comment you got. Who knows if it is worthwhile to even have judging for the art quilts anyways!

Karoda said...

Just keep on doing what you do!

Karoda said...

oh, and congrats on being in the book...what is the title?

kirsty said...

Sometimes I think the JUDGES intent is just self-aggrandisement.Now the book, that is very exciting!
oh and I just banged my nose on the screen trying to get closer to that sundae.

teri springer said...

Sigh...I didn't get any comments back with my 2 pieces. No reason given why neither was selected. All I can think of is that the judge (yes, just one) did not "get" my sense of humor. He does what is described as "representational paintings." The only thing I could get out of them was depressed. I prefer to not do depressed in my work....there's enough doom and gloom in this world.

So, I have my work back on my own walls where I can enjoy them (and that's why I made them in the first place).