Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Tish Groove"--Detail

I kind of got slightly frayed edges with my removing the Wonder Under, so I'm couching on variegated perle cotton to outline the figures (like on the pink dancer's "left" leg).


PaMdora said...

Here's a big secret I learned from Laura W, well sort of, I changed what she does a little. She fuses WU to the back of fabric, then draws an outline on the release paper, irons it again to the WU side and pulls it off. Then she cuts around the outline that was left behind.

She does this because she fuses large amounts of fabric at one time, then cuts little shapes. I don't, I want to only cut one specific shape from one specific fabric, so I avoid the middle step. I trace my design to the rough side of WU and then iron it to the fabric, pull off release paper, then cut.

The point is, when you pull WU directly from the cut edge, you risk fraying the fabric. Just cutting directly into prefused fabric with no release paper is less likely to fray edges.

This technique also helped me immensely with the kind of very small pieces I cut, because it used to be heck to try to get them peeled.

I don't know if she'd mind me telling her secrets, but I know she's just written her book, so I figure the info is out there.

Elle said...

Thank you! I had started to do that with the last two dancing figures and it did come out cleaner.