Friday, April 08, 2005

Thread Frenzy

Went to my favorite fabric shop and ran into two guild members who had a table full of fabric, trying to decide upon some solids needed for a workshop Sat.

After buying some super-cool hand dyes, more solid black, and some tan, I found myself standing in front of a mind-boggling array of thread. I wasn't quite sure what to pick. I vaguely remember tossing in some Sulky and Mettler into my bag and some great sparkly dark blue metallic yarn kind of thread by YLI. Hmm... I also got a great lesson on needle types from one of the saleswomen. I honestly learned a lot from her.

Got mad when I got home and realized my purple thread was off. It was more dark purple than the brighter grape of the figure. I think it'll work, but that's what I get for switching purses and leaving my swatches in the other one. I was tickled at matching the other three though.

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