Sunday, April 03, 2005

Inspirations for the Week

  1. Boudiccae--Celtic Queen of the Iceni in Britain. Her people were threatened by the Romans, her daughters raped...she did what any angry mom would do in her situation--gather an army and sack cities.
  2. The beauty of St. Peter's in Vatican City. I'm not Catholic, but I have to note the passing of the Pope and the splendor that surrounded his position.


teri springer said...

That Boudiccae- my kinda woman! Taking names and kicking butts!

It's funny...but, one of the things that bothers me about the Catholic Church, and the only hypocrisy I can attribut to Pope John Paul II, is the amount of fancy and expensive STUFF the Church has. How dare He (and they) tell us we are too materialistic and need to do more to help the poor when the Vatican is such a bastion of frou-frou and incredible waste!! I had several family members in the Church. My grandfather's two younger brothers were both in the Church- one a Benedictine Brother and one a Marinest Priest. Neither owned even the clothes on their backs....everything was owned by all....true Communism. Yet those who serve at higher levels often live in luxury and never do without (Fr. Brand, my uncle, lived for 20 years in a very poor village in Peru- he loved it)even tho they still do not *own* anything, they are well cared for...


Elle said...

You've got quite a point Teri. To me, whether its the luxury of the Church or a preacher whose congregation has bought him a luxury car, the hypocrisy of it all is a bit staggering.