Monday, January 09, 2006

No Clue Whatsoever, But Ooo...

Like the Jazz quilt, G'ma's is going to have a cool "tie-dye"-style background. Her favorite color is green, so the choice was easy. I never know what I'm doing (see: fabric sitting in the sink photo) when it comes to coloring my fabric--and I say coloring because I use fabric paints instead of dye. Me 'n' dye still have a fearful relationship. I just take a chance and go for it--mistakes be damned!

I fan-folded it and applied metallic green to each end. I will admit to being influenced by West African tie-dye methods. I'm starting with the simpler ones right now though. Thing to note: the gold always floats despite shaking so you really have to saturate it to get a more green effect. Since the original photo has her against a brocade curtain background, I wanted a vertical effect for the background. I'll be slicing the fabric to achieve the look of folds. I'll get the brocade pattern in my quilting. A-ha! I just figured that out!

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annabel said...

I love dyeing because you never know quite what you're going to get and its such a good feeling when its all washed, dried and ironed. One of the best effects I've ever got was very recently by tieing washers up in the cloth with rubber bands.