Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bounce Rock Skate Roll!

I took a break from the G'ma quilt. I just had to step away. Besides, I had a triple birthday weekend. My husband's was yesterday and we went to a Brazilian BBQ (skeweredmeatlicious!) and my sister's was the day before (manicotti-chianti-licious). However, it was my little 6-year old cousin's skate party on Friday that got me. I had so much fun. When I was younger I lived on my skates. All around the neighborhood. Why walk when you could skate?

And at the rink, I could cross over, skate backwards, twirl, I could do it! Now, it's so sad. 4 laps around and my shins hurt. Went back out again. 5 laps around. The plastic skates were so heavy I was scared to cross over and they were cutting into my ankle. Darn low boots! Ow! Then, to add insult to literal injury, my left thigh cramped up. I barely made it back to my exit and laid down on the bench with a napkin over my forehead. It was sad.

It did make me realize how much fun it is and how much I've missed it. I'd get myself one of those nice pair of boot ones again like I used to have, with some pompoms and I saw the coolest light up wheels. All of us wanted those! LOL!! I had too much fun. I should do that again soon--but with my own skates.


mary m. said...

Do it!!!! You won't regret it!

Lisa Call said...

In line skates would probably look lovely with pompoms.

Karoda said...

My kids prodded me to watch Roll Bounce over the holiday break and I just loved it...it was sooooo me! But ~sigh~ I never learned to do anything fancy on the skates besides stay upright and move straight ahead, and sometimes that was iffy. :)

Get you some pom poms and go girl!

Dianna in Maui said...

Oh my God! The pompoms! Did you have a matching poncho too? I did, my grandma made it for me and then showed me how to make the pom poms myself. I was pom pom crazy. Go skater, go! And thanks for the stylish 70's flashback.