Friday, January 20, 2006

Another Uncertain Brush with Celebrity

I've regaled you all with my story of how I ticked off Spike Lee, now here's another of my uncertain brushes with celebrity:

In high school, I was an intern at the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Education Dept. here in D.C. I had plenty of freedom to roam the museum at will when I wasn't busy and had a chance to go behind the scenes. I could visit Conservation and see a Degas or an Ansel Adams print unframed. It would sometimes be quiet--especially if I was there on a closed museum day when it wasn't open to the public. It was a wonderful experience for me.

I was also used to having visitors come through speaking in other languages so one day, I'm going through exhibit and just as I get to the door a man stands in front of me. I'm confused. Why is he blocking me? Why is he in my way?! So I'm going, "Excuse me. EXCUSE ME." I just want to get through the door and thought he was being a jerk. I turned as I saw his eyes follow to a pretty, tall blonde woman in a pink suit with another man. With a nod and a smile to me from her, he suddenly stepped out of my way. Hmph. I thought. A bodyguard? I got home and told my grandmom about the incident and she raised an eyebrow. Holding up her newspaper to me, the woman was on its front page in full color--and the pink suit. "You didn't see this today, huh?" she said.

The lady was Margarethe II, The Queen of Denmark.


fickleknitter said...

What a great job and story!

Deb R said...

Too funny, Elle!

mary m. said...

LOL! For such a young person, you've certainly had some interesting encounters!

Miriam said...

hysterical. just because you are the bodyguard of a queen doesn't mean you can't be polite, hmm?