Monday, January 02, 2006

Fun with Transfers!

Hmmm. I've learned that a little means a lot.

I gave it a go at image transfers yesterday. Used a foam brush. Fine. I now know that it's probably best to put a very thin layer of medium on. The green version (go figure) was as if just the excess had transferred . The brown version of my grandmom and her older sister was from what was left on the transparency--and little medium. I also learned to even burnish it evenly. You can even see my white burnisher from when I took a graphic design class a while back. Oh, the joys of Letraset and transfer sheet fonts. And...reverse the image! And yeah, that's me looking through the transparency before the goo.


Miriam said...

interesting. i am so not up to this yet. i'd love to see more step by step photos.

Dale Anne said...

Elle - you inspire me to try Image transfer.......its on my list of things to try this year and I have been saving articles, emails, etc.

I remember reading Lesley Ryley saying to practise - so you at least got an image to show up so I think its GREAT! for the first time.

mary m. said...


Looks like you had better luck than I did using Citrasolve.

Karoda said...

Elle, did you figure out how to flip fonts? I could do images but not script.