Thursday, February 17, 2005

Darn That Thinking Stuff...

My mind has gone blank and my hands seem almost frozen. Visions of Carol Bryer Fallert-style spiral flying geese and Seminole patchwork dance through my mind. My sketch is before me and my list of projects is there as well. Everything’s ready for me to begin, yet how come I can’t do anything?

It’s simple, really. I thought about it too much.

I am a creative type—a writer and an artist—and both are prone to blocks. There are times when that computer screen seems really blank and that paper’s way too bare and you honestly have no idea how to change that. It seems I have the same feeling sometimes about my quilts. Nagging little self-doubts come into play like a quilting neurosis, which then leads into that next bane of the creative type: excuses. “I don’t want to cut that fabric,” “It’s just not going to look that great like this,” “I don’t have the right colors,” “My hand hurts.” Crazy little things that keep you from doing what you’re supposed to do—which is quilt.

It’s about letting go of that voice in your head, and letting out the creativity within.

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