Saturday, February 19, 2005

Comfort Is Other Newbies

Went to my guild meeting today--the Uhuru Quilters. We've got two new members, both of them kind of new to quilting like I am. When it was announced that all day next month was "Back to Basics" classes, I said out loud "YES!" Afterwards I had a chance to really talk to one of the long-time members. We talked about inspirations, hopeful future projects (because you always have more ideas than the time to execute them), great books, and hand quilting. She was hand quilting a large quilt and she took the time to really show me what she was doing.

As guild webmaster, I also act as photographer during meetings lately, so I popped in on a workshop being held on free motion quilting. The instructor, Cynthia Catlin, was doing some beautiful things with her machine. I stood there admiring her sample quilt for a moment--filled with hummingbirds and vines and leaves in multicolored threads. I looked around the room at all of the Husqvarnas and Berninas and thought of my old forlorn little Singer at home. I asked a member how she likes her Husqvarna and she said it took her 2 years to get it, but she loves it.

Talking with some other members, I said that I found that I really like art quilts vs. "traditional" ones. That it really suited me and they were like, "Don't say it like it's a bad thing! There's room for all styles of quilting!" I always come away from guild meetings feeling better.

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