Monday, March 12, 2007

Show Me the MAQF Loot!

The title's straight from the keyboard of Karoda, who also said that next to the quilts, it's the loot that you come away with, so finally...
  1. A super-cool adhesive ironing board cover by Bo-Nash. It gets hotter without damaging the fabric. It is very Paris Hilton-style "That's hot!" (say it slow with languid eyes) because fusible peels right off! My friend Cornelia and I were very excited about that. Also, ironing board pads. I like mine a little thicker. I wore my old one down to the holes. So sad.
  2. 5 fake "Born to Quilt" tattoos to rock in the warm weather months
  3. A mug for the hubby that says "She Quilts...I Cook!" (which is true)
  4. An Indonesian batik
  5. Polished rock and hard carved Chinese coral closures/buttons
  6. Japanese panels and sashiko kits and supplies
  7. Re-dyed kimono remnants...ooooo...

I had considered a John Flynn frame for years and finally had a chance to demo it. I think it's great because it's like having a longarm frame to hold everything taut--without the longarm machine. However, I was so disappointed because I found the work area with it to be way too limiting for me and it didn't vibe well with my quilting style. I think the rep felt really insulted when I stopped, hopped up and said, "Sorry. It's not for me!" Great product and I love Mr. Flynn's stuff, I really do--but it's just not for me!


Karoda said...

I've not tried the Flynn, but I really have what my friend Virginia calls a quilt-gasm when I demo the standard longarms...will never have one of my own but sure wish I had one accessible to use.

You scored well!

Myki said...

Elle-Does the mug say where I can order one from? Thought about going on the bus trip with you ladies but,the budget couldn't stand it.