Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Sew Chick Podcast is Ready!!!


The first episode of Sew Chick: Art Quilt Adventurer--The Podcast is ready! You'll hear me chatting about how I got into art quilting and then it's a sound visit with the Art Sewciety as we had fun with bleach discharging and talking about art quilting.

I'll be posting about the Art Society tomorrow and you can see what a good time I had.

Enjoy the show!!!!


Cheryl said...

I know that a long time ago you & I briefly noted each other's writing for children. It just dawned on me that you should contact my friend Adjoa Burrowes who lives in the D.C. area and look at her publisher Lee & Low.
You are so creative & are doing such great work. Keep on keeping on!

Susan said...

Now I have to figure out the best way to listen!

Re Cheryl's comment, your artwork, to a small extent, reminds me of Ringgold's - she did some great children's books. Yours is different, but it gives me a similar feeling when I look at it. What I've seen in your blog.