Monday, July 17, 2006

From One Extreme to the Next!

Do I live in Vegas? No. Do I live in Arizona? No. New Mexico? Nope.

I live in D.C., so why, why, why was this the temperature outside today--at 5:45 pm!

First the rain, now this, LOL!!!


diva of quilts said...

I visited DC once (in the summer) and had a great time, but it did feel like it was 105.

We have some kind of front blowing in from the south right now here in Southern California which has raised the humidity, but I actually prefer a more tropical heat rather than a dry desert heat.

Susan said...

The difference is that in those other three places, the humidity is so much lower than when you *do* perspire, the air actually cools you, because it's lower humidity. I prefer an oven to a sauna. =) On the other hand, you probably won't have over 100 days at that temperature!