Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MAQF Goodies

For days, I've been thinking that the slowness of my internet was due to some weirdness from my computer post-crash. One little email to Comcast asking about their servers being overloaded or anything and all of a sudden it's working like magic... Shhh...I might not want to complain too loudly or they might make it work slowly again. I am so rolling my eyes.

FINALLY I get to post the coooooolest threads I've ever bought and the other goodies I got at the MAQF show! I got a sashiko sampler to try. I couldn't resist the little chickies pattern. I also bought threads from Superior threads. Ooooooo... For participating in the machine demo, I got this cool, sturdy bag from Bernina (my name is freemotioned from the demo on the other side) and a cool Hmong Pa nDau square. It is beautifully appliqued with these teeensy tiny stitches.



Dianna in Maui said...

I've been using Superiors threads a LOT lately and I love them. Especially the King Tut variegated! I want to collect all the colors eventually! Have fun!

Karoda said...

I'm hooked too on Superior and Isacord threads! Sulky has a 12 wt. variegated that I like...but your threads are just beautiful!

Gerrie said...

Those Superior threads are my favorite!!

jenclair said...

Me, too! The King Tut variegated are just wonderful!