Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fresh Start for the New Year

Remember that big fall that I had?

Well, it still hurts and now I have to go to physical therapy for about 6 weeks between my knee and rib (phys. therapist: bruised or fractured; doc: inconclusive from Xray). All I know is that it hurts. I'll live, lol, but it's been a real pain (haha) to deal with.

I think that I'm going to finally work on those bleach discharge pieces from that time with my Art Sewciety. So much for it being like riding a bike. I have to start small and work my way back up to bigger pieces. take my time. I have big plans and I'd like to start the creation of a body of work.


Beate said...

Oh my goodness, I hope you are well verry soon. I wisch you all the best

Susan said...

How's that therapy coming along? I'm glad nothing was broken or cracked! I look forward to seeing your "body of work" when you get to it. You are so creative, it's always a pleasure to see what you are doing.