Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sew Chick Go Boom! OW!

I had a really nasty spill on Thursday. I was crossing the street at work and hit a groove in some uneven pavement in front of my building. BOOM! I went down. Hard. 4 or 5 kind folks rushed over to help me up I hit so hard. My hands and knees caught the brunt of it and I scraped them all, gouging out some of my right hand. I hurt so bad that when I tried to get up, my legs buckled and I fell again. I couldn't believe how hard I fell!

I was wearing all black, so my pants ended up being covered in gray construction dust. You have to imagine what I looked like--bleeding and dusty-dirty--getting onto the elevator. Despite the pain, I held onto my lunch the whole time and back at my cubicle told my open-mouthed co-worker "Wow. I smooshed my sandwish, but I'm gonna eat it anyway!"

What wasn't bruised, stings. What doesn't sting, aches. All over. Badly. I went to the doc yesterday and it's nothing that rest, compresses, soaking, and some painkillers won't help, but geeeeeesh! It's safe to say I can't quilt until my hand's better!


deb said... worst nightmare!
I'm a big gal so I've told folks, if I go down, just shoot me like they do racehorses!

(I spent 9th grade, 1st year of college and most of '96 on crutches and have developed a habit of always watching my feet when I walk...and forget high heels :(

Feel better...go slower.

Karoda said...

I hope the city will be paying for your doc's visit. I know here, the city pays for damages to cars due to unattended pot holes...I would assume that a body is more important than one's car.

Take care of yourself and sending you healing prayers.

Sharkeysday said...

Oh you poor thing! That's awful! Take care!

Deb R said...

ACK!!! I'm glad nothing's broken and I hope all your aches, scrapes, bumps, and bruises heal quickly.

diva of quilts said...

take care of yourself and have a much deserved rest. you'll be back before you know it better than before.

Sarah said...

Ouch! Glad that some folks stopped to help you. Feel better soon!

Kyra said...

Ouuchh! Hope you feel better! My knees hurt in sympathy!

Susan said...

Ouch! You poor thing! I hope it's already feeling better. Those things are such a shock to the whole system when they happen, I'm not surprised you had to take a couple of trials to stand again.

Anonymous said...

the worst part is not being able to make art, right? i wish you a speedy recovery.