Monday, April 29, 2013

Missing Piece: MINE!

This is my piece "Wildest Dreams" and if I am lucky I will see it again...
It was supposed to have been exhibited at the "Journey of Hope" travelling exhibit at the Hampton U. Museum. I RSVPd for it and popped through since I was actually in the Hampton Roads area, which is 3 hours from my home. I looked for my "Guest Artist" tag and it wasn't there although I said I was one of the artists when I called. When I found one of the curators and let them know, they didn't try to find at least an empty one for me to write my name on. I felt as if they shrugged and kept on eating their hor d'oeuvres. Then, insult to injury, as I walked around I noticed my piece wasn't there. My name was listed, but no piece. While it was lovely and my fellow artists' works were too and the Museum itself has an awesome collection, I was personally so disappointed and angry-feeling.
I spoke to another coordinator, who asked me to sign my page in the official book/catalogue. When she saw my piece's photo she said "Oh! Yours is one that didn't make it." I was so confused. I thought perhaps because it was a smaller venue that the curators made the exhibit smaller. I...was...really...wrong.

I was so upset that I left almost right away. After firing off an email that evening to my main curator--who has capably handled all of my pieces in different exhibits so far--to let her know what happened, she was like "You ARE supposed to be in the exhibit!" and promised to find out more. Turns out the Hampton curator informed the NAAMCC in Ohio (where it has been for years) that 3 pieces didn't make it two months ago. There was no follow up  and no one informed my curator, who is positively mortified.

To say that this is a clusterf**k is an understatement. Right now, the idea that my granddads' portraits might be misplaced, lost, or stolen is heartbreaking to me. I just want them back. 


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yetunde said...

i feel you girl on this one.