Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quilting African American Women's History

There's nothing more that I like than to go to the mailbox and have a nice little something waiting for me! It's even better when it is the catalog from your latest exhibit! This is the one that "Just Me Being Negative" is currently in up in Wilberforce, Ohio. Valerie White (who is so super-cool by the way) created the piece on the cover ("The Guardian")...And last month, Dr Mazloomi sent a cool photo of the PR announcement of the exhibit on the huge screens outside of the Reuters Building in NYC's Times Square! Yay!


Susan said...

How fabulous to see that ad like that. I'm sure it felt good to get the catalog and know that inside was listed your own quilt!

Karoda said...

I plan to get this catalog and would like to go see the exhibit in Wilberforce but that plan is looking a little slim.

Great to hear from you in blogland!