Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stardeath: In Progress

I enjoyed explaining the "Starbirth" series to the kids. They totally got what I was going for and when they felt the quilting thatI've started for "Stardeath: Supernovae/Red Giant" one said "It looks like flames!" Which is exactly the effect that I was going for.

When explaining my quilts, I told them that I had three styles in front of them: One style where the pieces were painted and reassembled collage-style, another style (wholecloth) where the entire piece is painted and the quiting dictated the design, and the third ("Stardeath") where the fabric was created through bleach discharge and the quilting will complement the fabric.

I know you all were wondering, but here's the beginning of "Stardeath."


Karoda said...

okay, seeing your photos with the children makes me feel less anxious about a fabric painting workshop i'll be doing on april 14 with high schoolers...back last summer when i agreed to do this it sounded like fun, the closer the date, and i'm getting nervous.

looks like you and the kids had a great time!

Susan said...

Wow, it does look like flames, or maybe hot lava. That's really interesting! Did you know how much to use where, or is it knowledge + some luck?